Fusioninventory: inventory plugin for GLPI – Installation and configuration

Installation of the plugin on GLPI


Download the latest version of FI from their GIT. You will also need to check the compatibility with your version of GLPI. If you are using FI for your inventory, when updating GLPI I advise to wait for the FI update before updating GLPI.

fusioninventory - git page

Unzip the downloaded archive, you should have the following contents in a folder named fusioninventory.

fusioninveory contenu de l'archive

Transfer the fusioninventory folder to the plugins folder of your GLPI installation.

Transferer le dossier fusioninventory dans plugins

Go to your GLPI, from the menu click on Configuration 1 -> Plugins 2 to access the plugin administration.

Accès administration des plugins

You should see the FusionInventory 1 plugin, click on the Install 2 button.

Cliquer sur installer

You must now Activate for the plugin, click on the Activate 1 button.

FusionInventory - Cliquer sur Activer

Check the status of the plugin 1.

FusionInventory - verifier le statut

To go to FI administration, from the navigation menu click on Administration 1 -> FusionInventory 2.

FusionInventory - Administration du plugin

To go to agent management, click on General 1 -> Agent management 2.

FusionInventory - General -> Gestion des agents

The agent list is empty at the moment.

FusionInventory : liste des agents

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