Fusion Inventory: Configuring Discovery and Inventory Tasks

Agent FusionInventory



To be able to perform discovery and network inventory tasks, you must install the NetDiscovery and NetInventory components. I advise you to install the modules on a server. For ease of administration, I advise you to install as a Windows task and not a service.

1. Get the latest version of the agent on the github.

2. Launch the executable, select your language 1 and click OK 2.

Installation agent FI

3. Click the Next> 1 button.

Installation agent FI

4. Check the box to accept the terms of license 1 and click Next 2.

Installation agent FI

5. Select the Complete Installation Type 1 and click Next 2.

Installation agent FI

6. Customize the installation folder if needed A and click Next 1.

Agent : dossier d'installation

7. Enter the FusionInventory 1 plugin url and click Next 2.

Url du plugin fusioninventory

8. In the next two steps click Next 1.

9. Select Execution Mode As a Windows Task 1 and click Next 2.

Tache Windows

10. Set the execution frequency for task 1 and click Next 2.

Durée entre deux exécutions d'une tache

The duration will be adjusted according to your tasks in FusionInventory, if the agent recontacts the server while it is running a discovery or inventory, you will have errors.

11. Check the box to launch an inventory at the end of installation 1 and click on the button Next> 2.

Configuration agent

12. Click Next 1.

Configuration agent

13. Change the debug level to 2 1 and press the Install button 2.

Activation des logs sur l'agent

14. Wait during the installation

Patienter durant l'installation

15. The agent installation is complete, click Next 1.

Installation terminée

16. Cliquer sur Fermer 1.

Fermer l'assistant

17. Open the task scheduler and check for the presence of the FusionInventory-Agent 1 task.

Tache Windows de l'agent

Agent Configuration FusionInventory plugin

Before starting the configuration of tasks, you must declare in the plugin the modules of the active agent.

1. From the administration of the FusionInventory in GLPI, click on General 1 > Agent Management 2.

Fusioninventory gestion des agents

2. Click on your freshly installed agent 1.

Cliquer sur votre agent (serveur).

3. Change the number of threads for tasks (1 and2) and click Save 3.

Modification des paramètres

4. Go to the Agent Modules menu 1, activate the Network Discovery 2 module, Network Inventory 3 and click Update 4.

Activation des modules inventaire et decouverte