Exchange 2019: add a mailbox


In this tutorial, we will see how to create a mailbox on Exchange 2019 using the admin interface.

When creating a mailbox, there are two possibilities:

  • Create a mailbox for an existing user in the Active Directory.
  • Create a new user and the mailbox at the same time.

Create a mailbox

1. On the administration interface go to recipients 1 / mailbox 2 .
Mailbox list

2. Click + 1 and User Mailbox 2 .
Add mailbox

For an existing user

3.1 Enter the mailbox alias (part before the @) 1 , select the user 2 then the database 3 and click on Save 4 .
Add mailbox

3.2 The mailbox is added 1 .
Mailbox added

For a new user

4.1 Enter mailbox alias (part before @) 1 , New user 2 , enter account information 3 , choose database 4> > and click on Save 5 .
Add user and mailbox

4.2 The user and the mailbox are created 1 .
User and mailbox added


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