Exchange 2016: Installation and Configuration

Configuration: Mail Address Strategies

A mail address policy, allows when creating a mailbox to automatically apply aliases for the same domain or add another domain …

In continuation of this tutorial, we will make sure to change the default policy so that the main address of users is [email protected].

1. From the ECP interface, go to mail flow 1 / mail address strategies 2 .

Exchange 2016 - Strategy email

2. Select the default strategy 1 , click on the edit icon 2 , in the new window go to format of the mail address 3 and click on + < <4 .

Edit strategy

3. Select domain 1 and address format 2 , check the box Define this format as response mail address 3 to set the new format as the main address and click on Save 4 .

Add format

4. The format is added, click Save 1 .

Save strategy

5. Close the warning message by clicking OK 1 .

Close alert

6. Select strategy 1 and click Apply 2 .


7. Click Yes 1 to apply the strategy.


8. The strategy is applied, click Close 1 .

9. Go back to the list of mailboxes and check that the default mail address is [email protected].

Mailbox list

If the addresses have not changed, refresh the list.