DirectAccess – Installation – Configuration in Windows Server 2016/2019

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

Test DirectAccess with a Windows 10 client

Before testing the configuration of a client computer, it must be connected to the corporate network, verify that the policy is applied using the command gpresult /r.

Check GPO in client

It is possible to verify the configuration before the following PowerShell command that returns the DirectAccess configuration:

Show DirectAccess config in PowerShell

It is also possible to check the activation of DirectAccess in the Windows 10 connection settings with the addition of a DirectAccess section 1 .

Windows 10 DirectAccess

We can see on the screenshot above that we are located as being in the network of the company because the station can contact the probe.

If the DirectAccess section is unavailable, verify that the Network Connectivity Assistant (NcaSvc) service is started.

As a reminder, you must have an Enterprise version of Windows

Now place the computer outside the company network (Internet) and check that it connects …

connection in progress

The computer is connected.

Computer connected by DirectAccess

In a command window enter ipconfig to check the ipv6 address of the Microsoft IP-HTTPS Tunnel Card.


To validate the proper functioning, try to access a resource on the corporate network, in the screenshot below I access the domain controller by entering the Active Directory domain name.

Test ressource

On the DirectAccess server on the Remote Access Management Console in Remote Client Status 1 , you can see the connected computer and user.

Manage connection

If we look at the DNS records on a domain controller, we find a record for the client connected with an IPv6.

IPv6 record