Deploy Windows with MDT and WDS

Deploy Windows

In this part, we will see how to deploy Windows by starting on the network (PXE) and by applying the sequence created in the previous chapter.

The example which will follow was done on a virtual machine, if you want to deploy the operating system on a physical machine, you will certainly have to add the network drivers in MDT and recompile the boot image and update it in WDS (right click on the boot image and choose the option Replace image …).

1. Start on the network F12 and once the IP address obtained click again on F12 to confirm the start on the network. Wait while the environment is loading …

2. Change the keyboard configuration 1 then click on Run the Deployment Wizard to install a new Operating System 2.

MDT : deploiement de Windows

3. Enter the credentials of an account authorized to connect to the share on the MDT server 1 and click OK 2.

Connexion au partage

4. Choose a sequence 1 and click on Next 2.

Choisir une séquence

5. Enter the name of the computer 1, choose if the computer should be entered in the domain 2 then click on Next 3.

Nom du poste et domaine

6. Click on Next 1, this step saves user data on a computer.

Sauvegarde données utilisateurs

7. Click on Next 1, this step allows you to configure the restoration of the backed up data.

Restauration des données

8. Configure the regional options of Windows 1 and click on Next 2.

Options régionale

9. Enter the password for the local administrator account 1 then click Next 2.

Mot de passe administrateur local

During the creation of the sequence, the administrator password has already been entered. To use the local administrator password entered when the task was created, a line must be added to the CustomSettings.ini file to pass this screen.

10. Click on Next 1.

Configuration de BitLocker

11. Click on Begin 1 to start the installation.

Confirmer le déploiement

12. Wait while deploying Windows …

13. The deployment is finished, close the wizard by clicking on Finish 1.

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