Deploy Windows with MDT and WDS

Add Windows image in MDT

In this part, we will see how to add the Windows images that are on the WDS server in MDT so that we can do a task sequence to deploy them.

1. On the MDT console, right-click on the Operating Systems 1 folder and click on Import Operating System 2.

Importer une image de MDT

2. Select the Windows Deployment Services images 1 option and click Next 2.

Choix du type d'import

It is also possible to import a Windows operating system directly from an ISO or the WIM file, which can be a capture or that of installation CD.

3. Enter the DNS name of the WDS server 1 and click Next 2.

Indiquer le serveur WDS

4. Confirm the import by clicking by clicking on Next 1.

Confirmer l'import

5. Wait during the import …

Import des images WDS

The import will recover all the active installation images.

6. Close the wizard by clicking on the Finish 1 button.

Import des images terminé

7. If the operation was successful, the installation images on the WDS server are available in the Operating Systems section.

Système d'exploitation disponible

Before you can deploy Windows images, you must add a task sequence (Task Sequances) to the imported images that will contain the deployment instructions.

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