Deploy Windows with MDT and WDS

Add LiteTouchPE image to WDS

1. On the WDS console, right click on Boot image 1 and click on Add boot image … 2.

WDS ajouter une image de demarrage

2. Indicate the path 1 where the image is stored in WIM format and click on Next 2.

Indiquer l'emplacement de l'image

3. Click on Next 1, it is possible here to modify the name and description of the image.

Nom et description

4. Confirm the addition of the image by clicking on Next 1.

Résumé de l'image de démarrage avant ajout

5. Wait while adding the image …

Ajout de l'image en cours...

6. The image is added to the server, click on Finish 1 to close the wizard.

Image de démarrage ajoutée à WDS

7. The image is available in the list.

Image de démarrage WDS

Now that our WDS server is ready to deploy images, let’s see how to add a Windows image in MDT.

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