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Posts published in “Hyper-V”

Hyper-V: Change the MAC Address of a Virtual Machine


It is possible in Hyper-V as in VMware to change the MAC address of a network adapter of a virtual machine. We usually have to do this kind of operation on machines where the software uses the MAC address cards to generate the licenses 1. Open the Hyper-V console and go to the virtual machine settings. 2. Unfold the options…

Convert a VMware VM to Hyper-V with 5Nine V2V Easy Converter


In this tutorial, we will see how to convert a VM on VMware to Hyper-V with 5Nine V2V Easy Converter. Il est possible également d’utiliser l’outil pour faire la conversion dans l’autre sens. Prerequisites Install 5Nine V2V Easy Converter on a server with sufficient disk space for temporary storage of the vmdk. It is possible to install the software on…

Delete a backup control point in Hyper-V without a delete option


It happens in Hyper-V that a third-party software (backup) create a control point that is not possible to delete through the GUI. You have to switch to PowerShell to delete the control point. 1. Open a PowerShell administrator window and enter the following command to display the snapshots. Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName <SERVER-HYPER-V> -VMName <VM> This should display the control points of…

Admin Center: Create a Virtual Machine on a Hyper-V Host


Introduction In this tutorial, we will have how to create a virtual machine with the Admin Center interface on a Hyper-V host. Prerequisites: Admin Center installed Hyper-V server Server added in the Admin Center Create a virtual machine 1. On the Admin Center, from the list of connections, click on the Hyper-V server. 2. If the Hyper-V role is available,…

Hyper-V: migration of a machine between two hosts


In this tutorial, we will see how to move a virtual machine from one Hyper-V host to another host. This feature is called Dynamic Migration, it should not be confused with the feature that has the same name in the failover cluster. Dynamic migration lets you move a running virtual machine to another hyper-v if you have compatible processor models…

Altaro backup: installation and use with Hyper-V


In this tutorial, I will explain how to set up Altaro Backup with Hyper-V. Presentation Altaro Backup is a backup solution for virtual environments Hyper-V and VMware running Windows. It has the advantage of being very light and does not require SQL Server database. It allows the following restorations: Granular at the file level Granular at Exchange level Virtual disk…

Veeam: Instant Restore with Instant Recovery


Veeam’s Instant Recovery feature lets you restart a virtual machine instantly without having to restore the entire storage. Access to the VM file is redirected from the backup files. This feature is available with virtual machine backups and with agents. It is possible to use backups made with Veeam agents to make P2V or V2V. The screenshots of the tutorial…

Veeam : Automatically backup virtual machines on Hyper-V


In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to automatically back up virtual machines (new and existing) with Veeam and Hyper-V. The trick is to use the option to back up the volume in Veeam job sources instead of adding the virtual machines manually to the backup jobs. Prerequisites On Hyper-V servers, you need to organize virtual machine storage volume based on…

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