MPIO: Enable Path Check

By default this feature value is not enabled, the paths are checked during a problem. Open a PowerShell command prompt and enter the following command to check the status of PathVerificationState: Get-MPIOSetting   To enable path checking, enter the following command: Set-MPIOSetting -NewPathVerificationState Enabled Restart the server to take account of the configuration.

DirectAccess – Installation – Configuration in Windows Server 2016/2019

DirectAccess is a feature available with the Remote Access role, which allows you to set up an automatic connection solution to the corporate network for mobile computers or for small remote sites. Unlike a VPN, the connection is initiated directly by a service on the remote computer, which allows for similar behavior if the workstation …

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Nano Server: Generating and Using a Windows Nano Server Virtual Disk

Nano Server Console

Nano Server Overview Nano Server is a version of Windows Server that has made its appearance with Windows Server 2016, which is a “light” version of a Windows Core (without GUI) that installs the following roles: Hyper-V containers IIS DNS File Server (SOFS). Complete presentation : Unlike the “normal” versions of WIndows, the Nano …

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Hyper-V: Enable Extended Sessions

Presentation Extensive sessions on Hyper-V with virtual machines can enhance the user experience with: Device Sharing File transfer Extended resolution Copy / Paste through the console … We find part of the user experience available with an RDP connection. Works only with Windows virtual machines with installed integration services Activation on the Hyper-V host On …

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