Altaro backup: installation and use with Hyper-V

Granular file recovery

This restore mode is used to extract a file from a virtual machine from a backup.

1. From the console, go to Restore 1 / File Granular Restore 2 , choose from where 3 and click Next 4 .
Altaro Backup - restauration granulaire

2. Select virtual machine 1 and click Next 2 .
Alrato Backup - sélectionner la vm

3. Choose Restore Point 1 and click Next 2 .
Altaro Backup - sélectionner la sauvegarde

4. Select the disk 1 .
Altaro backup - selection vhd

5. Select partition 1 .
Altaro backup - choisir la partition

6. Navigate to the backup, select the item (s) to be restored 1 then click Next 2 .
Altaro Backup - choisir fichier

7. Choose storage type 1 restore location 2 and click Extract 3 .
Altaro backup - emplacement restauration

8. Wait during the restoration …
Altaro backup - restauration ...

9. Restoration completed.
Altaro backup - restauration terminée

10. Open Windows Explorer and go to the restore location to retrieve the item (s).

Altaro backup - fichier restauré

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