ADMT: Active Directory Domain Migration Tool

ADMT: Migrating a group

From the ADMT console, right-click Active Directory Migration Tool 1 and click Group Account Migration Wizard 2 to launch the wizard.
ADMT menu migration

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .
ADMT wizard migration
Select domain 1 and domain controller 2 source then do the same for destination domain 3 and controller 4 and click Next 5 .
ADMT select source and target

Select the Select group from domain 1 option and click Next 2 .
ADMT choose the selection

Click on Add 1 .
Add group

Select the group (s) to migrate 1 and click OK 2 .
ADMT : select group

Selected groups, click Next 1 .
group to migrate

Click on Browser 1 then select destination OR 2 and click OK 3 .
Select target OU for ADMT migration

The OU configured 1 , click Next 2 .
OU selected

Select migration options, check Migrate group SIDs to target domain 1 and click Next 2 .
ADMT migration options

A warning message appears indicating that the audit is not configured, this is necessary for the SID migration, click Yes 1 for the 3 messages.
Configure SID migration Configure SID migration Configure SID migration

Enter the identifier 1 and the password 2 of an Administrator account of the source domain then click Next 3 .
Account administrator source domain

It is possible to choose the attributes to migrate on this page, by default they are all migrated to the target domain. Click Next 1 .
attribute migrated by ADMT

ADMT behavior configuration in case of conflict, by default if a conflict is detected the object is not migrated. Click Next 1 .
ADMT : conflict configuration

A summary displays the actions that will be performed, click Finish 1 to start the migration.
summary of migration

A window opens that allows you to follow the migration. Once finished it is possible to see the logs. If the migration went well, click on Close 1 .
Migration completed

Example of log:
ADMT log

On the destination domain controller, check that group 1 is present in the OU. Also check that the attribute sIDHistory 2 is present and includes the SID of the source domain.
Group migrated in target dc

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