Active Directory Right Management Services: Installation and Configuration

AD RMS: Configuring Super Users

The configuration of super users will allow to define a group that has access to all documents regardless of the rights applied to it.

In this part, we will configure the group created in the section Preparation of the environment.

Open the administration console accessible through the Start menu.
AD RMS lauch console

From the Admin Console go to Security Policies 1 .
Security Strategy

Click Edit Super User Settings 1 .
Edit super user

Without the Actions part of the console, click Enable super users 1 .
Enable super users

Now click on Edit Super User Group 1 .
Edit super users group

Enter the group’s email address 1 then click on Apply 2 and OK 3 .
Configure group

We can now see the super user group configured 1 .
AD RMS super users

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