Active Directory Right Management Services: Installation and Configuration

Installing Roles for AD RMS

From the server manager, click Add Roles and Features 1 .
Setting up roles for AD RMS

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .
installation wizard

Type of installation, choose Role Based Installation or 1 Functionality and then click Next 2 .
Install type

Select server 1 and click Next 2 .
Select server for AD RMS

In the list of roles, select the AD RMS (Active Directory Right Management) 1 Services check box.

Select role AD RMS

Confirm adding dependencies to the role by clicking Add 1 features.
Adding dependencies

The AD RMS role is now ticked 1 , click Next 2 .
AD RMS checked

Skip the list of features by clicking Next 1 .
Skip features

A summary of the AD RMS role is displayed, click Next 1 .
AD RMS Overview

Select the Rights Management Server 1 Active Directory service and click Next 2
Select AD RMS Service.

Pass the IIS role summary by clicking Next 1 .
IIS Overview

Click Next 1 to validate IIS role services.
IIS services

Confirm the installation by clicking the Install 1 button.
Confirm install

Wait during the installation …
Wait during the installation Wait during the installation

The installation completed, exit the wizard by clicking Close 1 .
Installation completed

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