Active directory: How to set up a child domain

Using the child domain

As in the tutorial How to deploy an Active Directory environment, we will create 3 OR (IT, IT / Users, IT / Computers), a user and join a post to the NY.LAB.INTRA domain.

From this post, we will log in with the NY domain user and a user from the parent domain.

The following manipulations are done with the Active Directory Administrative Center console (ADAC).

I assume that you are already familiar with AD consoles, I will not go into detail about the creation of OU, user and domain junction.

Organizational unit

1. From the console, click on New 1 / Organizational Unit 2 .

Ajout OU

2. Enter the name 1 and click OK 2 .


3. Position yourself in the new OR (IT) and repeat points 1 and 2 for the OU Computers and Users how to capture it below.

Liste des OU


1. Position yourself in the OU where the user is to be created or right-click on the OU, use the menu New 1 / User 2 .

Ajouter un utilisateur

2. Enter the user information * and confirm by clicking OK 1 .

Configuration du compte

3. User created.

Utilisateur ajouté

Add the post to the domain

1. In the Windows system properties enter the child domain 1 .

Poste a ajouté au domaine

2. Move the station to the correct OR in the ADAC console.

Connection to the post

Domain user (child)

1. Enter the user account 1 in the form (DOMAINlogin) / Password 2 and press Enter.

Connexion utilisateur domaine du poste

2. User logged in.

Utilisateur connecté

Parent Domain User

Using the created user when setting up the parent domain.

1. Enter the user account 1 in the form (DOMAIN_PARENTlogin) / Password 2 and press Enter.

Connexion avec utilisateur domaine parent

2. Parent domain user logged in on a child domain machine.

Utilisateur connecté

Users can change sites using local hardware.