Active Directory: configuring dynamic access control – DAC

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

Creating the resource property in the ADAC console

On a domain control, open the Active Directory Administration Center (ADAC).


In the navigation menu, click on Dynamic access control 1.

Accès à l'administration du contrôle d'accès dynamique - DAC

It is also possible to go through the overview by clicking on Dynamic access control and clicking on Create a resource property. For the tutorial, I prefer to show you the full path.

The various DAC configuration elements are displayed, double-click on Resource Properties 1.

A list of predefined properties is displayed, in the Tasks pane, go to New 1 and click on Resource property 2.

Configure the Resource Property, specifying its name 1 and the type of value 2 (Yes / No). Give a description if necessary 3 and click OK 4 to create the resource property.

The resource property is created 1, we can also see that it is activated by its icon.